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A cop turned Meme’er; that sums up 2A Lifestyle. Nick is a law enforcement officer that wants to close the gap between local law enforcement and civilian defenders.

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My names Nick, I like to kick ass and make Memes. My love for firearms started as a kid when my Dad bought me a Ruger 10/22 and would burn through a thousand rounds a weekend just target shooting.

Since then I went on to become a cop and shortly after entered the Army Reserves where I achieved the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. I’m now out of the Army Reserves and currently a patrol commander & firearms instructor in the southern United States.

I also happen to be the host of the 2A Lifestyle podcast that I started in March 2019 to try and bridge the gap between gun enthusiasts and law enforcement. Some of my favorite activities include Top Shot style trick shooting and taking my kiddos to the range so they learn to appreciate their 2nd Amendment rights.

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If you’re trying get ahold of Nick off of social media you can contact him at 2ALifestyle@mail.com (<–Yes that’s correct.)