Biden’s Gun Control By Executive Order Doesn’t Matter

I’m throwing my hat in on this a little late, I know, but at least I’m throwing it in! Joe Biden is wanting to rule like a dictator per his own words; via executive orders. His biggest target right now seems to be gun control… Gee, who saw that coming? Definitely not R/LiberalGunOwners (a subReddit for those unfamiliar).

From what Biden has been hinting at he’s wanting to go after “concealable” assault weapons, ergo AR style pistols with braces on them… because you can totally conceal one without needing a backpack. The thing is… the ATF can enforce an executive order that writes off stabilizing braces. The ATF can even revoke their decision that braces are a legitimate accessory (like they revoked the Bumpstock’s status as a legal accessory), but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter and here’s why:

Crime Rates Won’t Change

All of this spurred it’s ugly head because of the recent shooting in Boulder, CO. A state that has mandatory universal background checks on all firearm transactions, capacity limitations, and more. The individual who did the shooting at the grocery store procured their firearm & magazines despite there being a capacity ban and a background check required by law (including it being looped to the state’s Bureau of Investigations and not just through NICS). The thing that’s not being covered very well is that this individual was being actively watched by the FBI.
So there’s three things going on here that should have, allegedly, prevented this shooting:
1. Background check- Failed
2. Capacity restrictions- Failed
3. The FBI was watching this individual- Failed

This takes me back to the Parkland School Shooting where the individual who acted had had flags raised to the FBI multiple times among other things.

The simple fact is, per the FBI’s crime statistics “Gun Violence” isn’t rising as much as the media and government would like you to believe. Most violent crime is also localized to urban locations such as Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh, etc. In fact, you are more likely to be injured or killed in stair accident than you are by a so called assault rifle. Colion Noir covers that in the video below.

 Mass Noncompliance

“If you outlaw abortions, women will just get them illegally.”
The same logic applies to firearms; whenever there’s talk of new legislation the rate of sales (both private & through a dealer) soar sky high. More than 40 million firearms were purchased in the year 2020; this was obviously inflated due to COVID-19 combined with Biden being elected.  As we’ve seen, since it was announced that Biden would create Gun Control via Executive Order, like a tyrant, gun sales have soared in Every. Single. State. with no signs of slowing down.

People know what will probably get banned, so they’re buying what’s going to get banned, and that’s just so they have it. This creates mass noncompliance which means… bingo. Any form of regulation will cause no substantial difference in already record low crime rates.

The facts are… in 1934 the National Firearms Act was passed to curve a very small amount of violent crime after some gangsters killed other gangsters in the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Regulations were created to prevent criminals…that were already criminal-ing… from criminal-ing. Yes, mental gymnastics were played for the justification. That same percentage of violent crime that the National Firearms Act was supposed to stop…? It persisted.

It existed immediately after, it existed from 1994-2004 when the Assault Weapons Ban expired, and to today. Bad people do bad things, good people do good things. It’s time we stopped preventing Good People from being able to defend themselves against Bad People who are going to actively break the law to cause mass carnage.


While Gun Control is never a good thing, it’s important that people on both sides of the aisle understand that any executive order by Biden will effectively do nothing. Sure, certain items won’t be for sale any longer… but barely anybody (less than 1%) will surrender anything willingly.

Any form of Gun Control or reclassifications will result in systemic violence against civilians of all colors. Something the Democrats claim to hate…but seem to support if it gets them what they want.

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