The Last Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

BREAKING: The Last Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Some sad, breaking news has come up in the last couple of days. This year will be the very last year for the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot; the largest machine gun shooter & military gun show in the world. To paint a picture for those that aren’t familiar, in

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California AWB Ruled Unconstitutional

California’s Assault Weapons Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Do you remember back in 2019 when Judge Roger Benitez, the messiah of gun rights in California, ruled that California’s magazine ban was unconstitutional, which briefly led to standard capacity magazines being pushed into The Golden State?Well, right when you thought Benitez and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was

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Aimpoint ACRO P2 Released!

Aimpoint just came out with the ACRO P-2 but before we get to the details of this new MRD (micro red dot), let’s go over the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 briefly to explain why this upgrade was needed. Way back in 2019 Aimpoint took aim (lol, punny) at the handgun optics

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Smith & Wesson Shield Plus Leaked?

While browsing through Facebook I found a dealer that had found something interesting; Smith & Wesson was coming out with two new Shield variants. The Shield Plus and the Shield Plus Performance Center model. While there isn’t a lot of information floating around about this new pistol yet, it appears

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Savoy Leather Missing

A long time ago I remember seeing Military Arms Channel showing off his custom holster made by Savoy Leather, after that Savoy Leather became the most recognized custom leather holster producer in the game. Savoy was making all kinds of custom leather holsters, including ones themed after pop culture icons

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Springfield Hellcat RDP Released

Look, we don’t recommend Springfield products just on principle, but we cover gun news…and Springfield came out with the Hellcat RDP just after Walther released the PDP… God it’s like copying scantron answers and marking one wrong purposefully so you don’t get caught. Anyway, the Hellcat RDP is a Hellcat

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Indiana’s HB 1369 Approved by House

Indiana is viewed as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary by some. It has fantastic defensive use laws and fantastic gun laws in general. There’s two blemishes on it’s record though; Red Flag Laws (one of, if not the first state to pass one) and Carry Permits. In 2020 Indiana’s Carry Permit

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Walther’s New Pistol; The PDP

In 2011 Walther debuted the PPQ series. The PPQ went to be claimed by many to have the best striker fired factory trigger around; something I agree with. Despite having the best striker fired factory trigger, it was an uphill battle to get the PPQ traction in terms of popularity.

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Indiana Set To Pass Constitutional/Permitless Carry

Aside from the politicians from Chicago that make their way to Indianapolis to try & ruin this state, Indiana is definitely one of the most gun friendly states in the union. From no waiting periods & unregulated private sales to persons at the age of 18 being allowed to legally

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