Storage in Lochby Pocket Journal

Lochby Pocket Journal Review

Lochby’s Pocket Journal is something that I eyeballed for a long time trying to find a purpose for it… I couldn’t find one, but still wanted it just to have it. So, as a reward for finishing up the infrastructure of the JustPews website I allowed myself to get something

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KSG Armory Halcyon Holster

KSG Armory Halcyon Tabletop Review

For the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact Optics Ready I opted to give the KSG Armory Halcyon a go with the Dark Star Gear Dark Wing and Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock Clip… so to a certain extent I’m getting to do a review on not only KSG’s holster, but

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Holosun 509T Tabletop Review

The Holosun 509T, Holosun’s closed emitter optic that was made to compete with the Aimpoint ACRO (AKA The Mailbox). I picked up the Holosun 509T specifically to mount to my Glock G45; it’s a match made in heaven. A square block mounted to…well… a square block. It’s symmetrical! The thing

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Glock G45 with Holosun 509T

Glock G45 MOS Tabletop Review

In this Tabletop Review I’ll be going over Glock’s G45. For those that aren’t aware the G45 is a mullet gun like the Glock 19x and if you aren’t familiar with the Glock 19x, it’s the civilian clone of what Glock submitted to the XM17 military trials sans a manual

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Holosun 507c V2 Tabletop Review

The Holosun 507c-GR V2 is my very first foray into the handgun optics world… a few years ago I was a boomer. I was adamant that AIWB was the worst way to carry a handgun and that optics offered zero benefit for defensive purposes on handguns… my, my how times

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