Walther PPQ 5″ M2 Review

For those that followed me on my old website, you’ll know that I had a Walther PPQ M1 a long time ago that I reviewed, and subsequently removed the review of; it was terribly done. After trading it off for my first Heckler & Koch USP Compact, I finally cycled

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Walther PPS M2 Review

I got the Walther PPS M2 back in 2019 blindly after watching & reading a handful of different reviews. The idea was to take those reviews and see what things I could do to improve my reviews so you, the reader, had a better idea of what to expect when

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Tenicor Certum3 Package

Tenicor Certum3 Tabletop Review

Tenicor designed the Certum3 to work for both Appendix (AIWB) and Hip (IWB) carry while offering up to 30° of cant with the optional Tenicor T1 Belt clips that are made by Discreet Carry Concepts (the same company that produces the Monoblock clip). Certum, which means “that which is fixed”

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CZ P-07 Review

The Lean Green Fighting Machine It’s been about a year since I got the CZ P-07 in OD Green from Instruments of Freedom and I think it’s about time I reviewed it. For those new to the website, I’m a huge CZ fan, well… at least a huge fan of

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Lox Black Diamond Tattoo Salve Review

When it comes to skin care products I’m a gigantic skeptic. Like toothpaste; dentists make money off f bad teeth, why the hell are they recommending toothpaste? I digress. I have a close friend that uses Lox products on his tattoos exclusively and swears by it. So, when I got

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Glock 19x Review

A Love Hate Relationship The Glock 19x is one that I thrashed when it came out on the market. I saw no value in the design…why would someone want a a compact slide on a full-sized frame? Well, slowly but surely, my curiosity got the best of me. Between talking

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Heckler & Koch USP Compact Review

The Ultimate Beginner’s Pistol When Heckler & Koch USP came out, they spared no expense on promoting the pistol and it quickly became a pop culture icon, showing up as the firearm of choice by protagonists in movies and the video games many of us grew up playing. Pictured is

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