Ceska Zbrojovka Group (CZ USA) purchases Colt Manufacturing

For months it’s been rumored that the Ceska Zbrojovka Group (the parent company of CZ, Dan Wesson, and Brno Rifles) has been working towards the goal of acquiring Colt Holding; the parent company of the Colt Manufacturing Company and it’s Canadian subsidiary. This didn’t come as a major surprise due to the financial hardships Colt Holding has been undertaking for the better part of the last decade; especially after losing favor with the U.S Military. Now, after a 175 year run and being held as the U.S. Military’s go-to arms manufacturer for decades, Colt Holding will be bought out entirely by Ceska Zbrojovka Group.

In a $220 million deal the Ceska Zbrojovka Group will be acquiring Colt Holding in whole; providing CZG with even more production capabilities in the United States and Canada. For those that aren’t aware, after a very successful launch of the CZ P-10c, a Glock 19 competitor, in 2017 CZG began building a manufacturing plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. Considering Colt’s history of holding MIL and LE contracts, don’t be surprised if you see the Ceska Zbrojovka Group’s brands beginning to push after some of those contracts viciously.

I know I’m not alone in hoping that the Ceska Zbrojovka Group is able to breath life back into Colt, and restore it to it’s former glory. It’s seemed that for the longest time the people at the helm of the company (Colt) have absolutely lost touched with the average consumer, lost touch with what the word “quality” is, and depended entirely on the brand name to carry them for eternity.

I do wonder if CZG is buying Colt Holding in the hopes to get Dan Wesson out of New York state or if they will use Colt Holding to help boost production for Dan Wesson and the DWX that has been delayed thanks to COVID-19.

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