C&H Precision Weapons Holosun 509T to Glock MOS Plate Tabletop Review

This Tabletop Review is going to be a short one as there isn’t really… a whole lot to say. C&H Precision Weapons’ Holosun 509T to Glock MOS adapter plate is a necessity for running the 509T since Glock doesn’t supply a plate that would accommodate the optic. Fitment of the plate is as tight as it’s going to get with Glock’s MOS system; which seems inferior to most of the other multi-optic systems other companies are running from what I’ve seen. The plate itself also allows the 509T to fit at the same depth as the Holosun 507c (eyeballing it).

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Glock G45 Header scaled

As far as back-up sights, I still have to get them installed on my G45 (I don’t have the tool…or well, a vice that I can use to get the job done). That said, I have been able to confirm from other users that AmeriGlow’s GL-506 suppressor height sights will co-witness with the Holosun 509T. You can find those here.

Customer Service Experience

Responsiveness: Fast on Instagram | Slow via Email
Website Navigation: Easy
Order Time: February 11, 2021 @ 2:30PM (Backordered)
Shipped Time: February 19, 2021
Arrival: February 22, 2021 @ 5:00PM

Please see the C&H SWMP-RSH-975 Tabletop Review here for more information on their Customer Service.

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