Glock G45 MOS Tabletop Review

Glock G45 with Holosun 509T

In this Tabletop Review I’ll be going over Glock’s G45. For those that aren’t aware the G45 is a mullet gun like the Glock 19x and if you aren’t familiar with the Glock 19x, it’s the civilian clone of what Glock submitted to the XM17 military trials sans a manual safety. As far as the mullet claim goes, it’s a full size (Glock G17) frame mated to a midsize slide (Glock G19); for the boomers out there you can think of this gun like your cherished 1911 Commander models that you’re clinging to as you read this.

I previously owned and carried a Glock 19x for a little over a year and because of that I have an inkling of how this beaut is going to handle… unfortunately I haven’t had the time to hit the range with it since I’ve been developing the website since I purchased it.

Disclaimer: At JustPews Tabletop Reviews are introductions to new products with our initial thoughts. These are not full on reviews; please keep that in mind. These posts will also be exclusive to the website only.

On the quest to find the best concealed carry platform for me I actively avoided Glock as to not be “normal” for lack of better words… and I think this is where the hate for Glock really comes from. In my experience they’re boringly reliable, they are fairly easy to shoot, extremely easy to work on, and they offer the best size:capacity ratio on the market with Smith & Wesson giving them a run for their money via the M&P line.

Aftermarket is abundant, holsters are abundant, support is abundant… everything for Glock is abundant; more abundant than parts for a Toyota Corolla.

When I decided to finally cave in and try a Glock I picked the one I thrashed the moment it came out.. the 19x. Who in their right mind would want a compact slide on a full size frame outside of those running compensators (which I don’t)? Then I got one… then I shot it… then I understood.

Jump forward to now and I opted to get the Glock G45 MOS model over the Glock 19x again; it’s optics ready, doesn’t have the lanyard loop, they deleted the stupid front lip that’s present on the 19x, and a few other things such as an nDLC slide finish instead of the nPVD found on the 19x.

Glock G45 Holstered

Looking at the G45 you wouldn’t think that it would feel substantially different than a 19x, but in the little time I’ve had it I can tell you that it actually does. The lip being removed from the front of the grip actually makes it feel… more roomy and comfortable. The front slide serrations are also a fantastic add-on since I’ll be running an optic on it. It does still retain (optionally) the same night sights that the 19x comes from the factory with.

All around there’s only a couple of things I’m wanting to do with this Glock. The first was adding the Tau Development Group SCD (Striker Control Device) for safer reholstering, the Kägwerks raised/extended slide release (so my thumbs aren’t riding the current one), and obviously an optic. I may change out the mag release but that’s to be determined still.

Alright… dribble aside, I like the G45 so far, and the G17 length holster definitely fixed the issue I was having with the 19x which you can read about here

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