Holosun 509T Tabletop Review

The Holosun 509T, Holosun’s closed emitter optic that was made to compete with the Aimpoint ACRO (AKA The Mailbox). I picked up the Holosun 509T specifically to mount to my Glock G45; it’s a match made in heaven. A square block mounted to…well… a square block. It’s symmetrical! The thing I was worried about going into the 509T was the fact that I’m colorblind. Specifically with handgun optics I have issues with red reticles as they tend to blend in depending on how light hits the optic, the target, or even how it lights up the background of the target.
For those more curious; if you point out a cardinal in a pine tree I can’t see it.

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This is why my first optic was the Holosun 507c V2-GR; it offered a green reticle which has been a lot easier for me to pick-up than a Trijicon RMR Type 2 and I experience no color washing. Unfortunately Holosun hasn’t come out with a green variant of the 509T so how’s it working out for me so far?

Glock G45 with Holosun 509T

As I previously stated my biggest concern with getting this optic was the fact that it had a red reticle… my theory was was that the closed emitter might assist in preventing the reticle from washing out as lighting situations change. So far with limited experience I haven’t had any issues on the 2nd highest brightness setting through the day, and no issues in the evening regardless of the brightness setting.

Looking through the optic from a dark area into an area with sunlight hasn’t been problematic, looking outdoors during a sunset or even sunrise hasn’t given me any issues, and just looking through it midday outside hasn’t given me any issues with the reticle wanting to wash out…or more my eyes not wanting to pick it up.

The shake awake feature has performed well so far and it’s been just as easy to adjust the settings on the 509T as it was on the 507C V2.

So far… I think the Holosun 509T is going to be a good fit for me… it offers a larger viewing port than the Aimpoint ACRO (limited experience) and it seems like it’s larger than the Holosun 507c V2-GR’s.

I will say one thing as a final thought… the all around build quality on the 509T does seem to be better than the build quality on the 507c V2-GR; this isn’t to say that the 507c V2 is bad, just that it isn’t as refined.

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