Indiana Set To Pass Constitutional/Permitless Carry

Aside from the politicians from Chicago that make their way to Indianapolis to try & ruin this state, Indiana is definitely one of the most gun friendly states in the union. From no waiting periods & unregulated private sales to persons at the age of 18 being allowed to legally carry a handgun, Indiana is fantastic as far as freedom goes. There have been to gigantic blemishes on it’s record though; a Red Flag Law passed in the early 2000’s & the requirement of a permit to carry a firearm even in your vehicle (despite your vehicle being seen as an extension of your home…).

For the last several years politicians in Indiana have been trying to get Constitutional Carry through; Police Departments are tired of doing the printing and they’re tired of dealing with hassle of issuing them. In 2020 updates were made to our carry permit laws; the 4 year permit turned into a free 5 year permit and the cost of the Lifetime permit was halved; this was the “compromise” to not getting Constitutional Carry from what I recall.

Fast forward to 2021 and it appears that the state has the votes to enact Constitutional Carry via House Bill 1369 (nice). Sheriff Dennis Quakenbush out of Hamilton County has been very vocal in his support of this happening, having said the following to The Public Policy Committee:

“Criminals, by definition, do not follow the law. They will find a way to arm themselves… and the police cannot be everywhere to protect everyone. The government should not be your Plan A for protection or self-defense. The government is not our savior.”

It appears that the House of Representatives in Indiana agrees with Sheriff Quakenbush as they just recommended it be passed with a vote of 9-3. With this vote it will be going to the House Floor where the bill’s fate will ultimately be decided upon.

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This information is coming straight from The 2A Project on Facebook; I have not been able to verify 100% whether or not this actually happened. There is currently no record of a vote on

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