Indiana’s HB 1369 Approved by House

Indiana is viewed as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary by some. It has fantastic defensive use laws and fantastic gun laws in general. There’s two blemishes on it’s record though; Red Flag Laws (one of, if not the first state to pass one) and Carry Permits. In 2020 Indiana’s Carry Permit laws were updated. 4 year permits turned into 5 year permits that didn’t have a state fee attached to them. Lifetime permits also saw a decrease in cost from $175 down to $75 state + county/city fees.  Before that update though, Indiana was fighting to become a Constitutional Carry state.

With the Biden Administration threatening to encroach on state law via a federal law that regulates carry rights, many states are passing Constitutional, or permit-less carry, laws as fast as they can. Utah and Montana are two of them… and it’s looking like Indiana just might be joining them.

House Bill 1369 (nice), which deals with Constitutional Carry, was recently passed by Indiana’s House of Representatives with a vote of 65-31 which moves the bill to the senate floor to be ruled on.

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding HB 1369 being circulated though and I want to take some time to clear it up.

  1. Active Permits will remain active.
  2. Permits can still be obtained for out of state travel.
  3. This law does not repeal licenses to carry

That third one brings us to something worth mentioning. The media will use disinformation to cause divide within any community they don’t agree with. This can be seen with WishTV’s headline below:

Media Misinformation

They will actively pass incorrect information via headlines for the lazy readers; this creates major divides on whether or not the gun (or other) community is on one united front. United we stand, divided we fall. Please, if there’s anything dealing with firearms on the docket do your own research into the bill. Do not buy into what the media pushes in headlines.

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