KSG Halcyon Review

KSG Halcyon Review

The Halcyon is an IWB holster that is produced by a company called KSG (Knowledge, Skill, Gear) which is based out in Texas. Before we dive into the review I want to explain how it will go since holster reviews will be relatively short. Holsters will be graded on four different criteria. Build quality, attachment options, comfort, and concealment. Build quality is objective as it’s based on several factors such as edge smoothness, excess material, kydex thickness, etc. Attachment options are midway between objective and subjective; you can have an excellently designed attachment that you simply don’t like. Comfort, the last remaining criteria is entirely subjective.

Build Quality

Build quality for the KSG Halcyon is superb. There isn’t one sharp edge, or an edge that hasn’t been sanded down to be absolutely smooth with zero hotspots. The holster also comes with a whole slew (11) of attachment mounting areas on the top part of the holster; this allows you to cant your belt attachments should you need to, lower the holster, etc. On the body of the holster you get a single file line of 5 mounting points for attachments like DCC Clips

It would be nice if the holster did come with two lines of attachment points on the body of the holster so you could run dual DCC clips if you decided to later on.

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Attachment Options

On the KSG Halcyon I opted to try out two new holster attachments that I’ve never had experience with in the past, the Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock, as well as the Dark Star Gear DarkWing. Before diving into my thoughts on these attachments it’s important that I highlight that they are both quality options, neither of these attachments are poorly constructed, or bad in design.

Starting with the Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock it’s definitely a vast improvement to the standard FOMI Clip which I curse every chance I get. That said… it’s okay, not fantastic, but okay. It retains the holster to your belt exceptionally well as long as the belt isn’t thick. If you use a fat belt the Monoblock won’t be able to latch properly due to the lip on the back not being wide enough. If your belt happens to be leather, expect the clip to make scratches on it if you aren’t careful.

The Dark Wing from Dark Star Gear has its pros and cons. The best part is, it has more surface area pressing against your belt than the industry standard Modwing, which aids a lot in concealment. It’s also one solid piece of plastic, so there’s nothing additional you have to Loctite when re-attaching it to the holster. The only real downside to the Dark Wing is also what makes it bad; you can’t adjust it like the Modwing.
If you’re wanting a Dark Wing that’s a little slimmer you’re stuck ordering a Light Wing from Dark Star Gear; or just changing to a Modwing.

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Comfort & Concealment

Let’s talk about comfort before we talk about concealment. On KSG’s website you’re given an ultimatum for the sweat guard; high or mid guard. There wasn’t a “no sweat guard” option at the time that I ordered mine which is rather unfortunate. Due to my inclination of not having a sweat guard, I went with the Midguard (if you understand why Thor was pictured above, you’re cultured). The sweat guard did add a layer of discomfort for me and with the manual safety on the M&P it did create a pinch point that has already torn an undershirt. 
Speaking of, the sweat guard does do a wonderful job at preventing the safety from being disengaged or engaged (your preference), but it does push the guard out just a tad if it’s engaged.

While the sweat guard can easily be shaved off, I’m lazy, and laziness leads to discomfort… it’s really all about which desire wins at the end of the day; so far the laziness has superseded the discomfort every time I’ve carried the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact Optics Ready.
The only other real gripe is with the DCC Monoblock not allowing for minor body-forced adjustments, but we already talked about that.

KSG also offers to extend the length of the holster if you’re going to carry appendix, while I have felt the benefits of this by going from a G19 holster for a G19x to a G17 holster for a G45, I opted to go without again in the instance. This option would have definitely helped some in the comfort department but I decided it against it ultimately.

As far as concealment goes, it does it’s job just fine which I went over thoroughly in the M&P review I linked above. The only real issues I encountered were with the attachments and not the holster itself. The DCC Monoblock doesn’t allow for minor movement adjustments and takes some finessing to get right when seated. It also doesn’t take too kindly to the Blue Alpha Gear Low Pro belt I use (it won’t ride over both layers of the belt).

Customer Service Experience

Smiley Face KSG Armory

Responsiveness: Fast via Email (didn’t try anything else)
Website Navigation: Easy
Order Time: March 26, 2021 
Shipped Time: ~April 10
Arrival: April 14, 2021 @ 5:00PM
Additional Information: KSG’s auto-mailer isn’t working so you won’t get an email when you place your order, or one when it ships.
Bonus: I asked for a smiley face on the package, I got a smiley on the package.


At the end of the day, the KSG Halcyon is a well made holster that offers some really smooth edges, as well as good blocking on the interior of the holster for the attachments you want to use. Gabe does his best to not skip any steps in producing holsters and it really shows. While KSG’s auto-mailer is down, Gabe is more than responsive via email if you have any questions or concerns.

Also, for those that don’t know how to pronounce the name of this holster, it’s Hal-See-Uhn, just like in the game Outer Worlds.

You can buy your own Halcyon Here

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