Langdon Tactical Optics Ready Beretta 92 Slides SHOT Show 2021

With COVID-19 a lot of traditions have come to a screeching halt from 2020 to 2021 and there’s no apparent end in sight. For the firearm and EDC community one of those traditions is SHOT Show which is an event that’s supposed to take place in Las Vegas (or New Vegas at this rate) every year. At SHOT Show companies flock to their own designated booths, dumping tens of thousands of dollars just to display their current products and to unveil their new ones. With the event more or less being canceled this year, I’ve decided to do some mock SHOT Show coverage for JustPews.

This is another product that released in 2020. It flew under my radar so I’m sure it flew under your radar as well; I even missed it while looking at their website!
Last year Langdon Tactical announced that they had solved one of the most difficult problems for the Beretta 92 series; mounting an optic without losing your rear sight, while being more stable than a dovetail mount. In order to accomplish this, Langdon Tactical did have to machine some proprietary parts to accommodate how the firing pin safety functions.

Immediately after, a lot of people were wanting to just buy an additional optics ready slide versus milling their factory one; and subsequently voiding the warranty. To accommodate the requests, Langdon Tactical added optics ready slides to their shop! Available in Black, FDE, OD Green, and Sniper Gray for both full size and compact Beretta 92s.

On their website it’s listed that the slides will work with any 92FS or later models with the only two exceptions being the 92A1 and the 92S; I used to have a 92A1 and that isn’t a big surprise to me and I still don’t know why they made it while producing the M9A1.

You can find the slides here.

Pictures are from the Langdon Tactical Website.

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