Magpul & Zev Technologies FDP-9/FDC-9 SHOT Show 2021

With COVID-19 a lot of traditions have come to a screeching halt from 2020 to 2021 and there’s no apparent end in sight. For the firearm and EDC community one of those traditions is SHOT Show which is an event that’s supposed to take place in Las Vegas (or New Vegas at this rate) every year. At SHOT Show companies flock to their own designated booths, dumping tens of thousands of dollars just to display their current products and to unveil their new ones. With the event more or less being canceled this year, I’ve decided to do some mock SHOT Show coverage for JustPews.

Magpul FDP 9

Back in 2008 Magpul came out with a folding gun prototype; the concept was loved so much that it actually found it’s way into Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This prototype concept was known as the FMG-9. Magpul never intended for this firearm to go into production; it was just a folding SMG based on the Glock operating system.

In 2019 Zev Technologies came out with their own modular pistol system based around Glock magazines called the OZ-9. The OZ-9 uses a chassis system, like the P320, but unlike the P320 this chassis system has it’s accessory rail attached to it.

Magpul FDP 9 Folded

After a lot of behinds the scene negotiations (I assume) Magpul & Zev Technologies have teamed up to produce the FMG-9; but it won’t be called the FMG-9. This time around it will be called the FDP-9 (Folding Pistol-9) and FDC-9 (Folding Carbine-9). The idea behind this is, the FDP-9 will be sold as a large-format pistol that a user can eventually turn into an SBR via the ATF’s Form 1, after which they could purchase the conversion kit to legally turn it into the FDC-9.
There is a goal of selling the FDC-9 itself as a transferable SBR via a Form 4, however there isn’t a timeline set in place for when this could become a possibility.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase one of these folding guns from Magpul themselves; Zev Technologies will be handling manufacturing, distributing, and selling the FDP-9 from what I’m reading. The expected date of launch is 2022.

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