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JustPews is a website dedicated to helping civilians with improving their Every Day Carry loadout.
Every Day Carry / E.D.C.
is what people carry on their person every single day to help them overcome simple everyday problems.
JustPews knows that some of these items are critical, life preserving
pieces of equipment that require research & education to deploy properly.
We want you to learn from our mistakes so you can make
Educated Defensive Carry / E.D.C.
choices when building out your loadout.

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When it comes to holster selection there’s an ocean of information to sort through, followed by seas filled entirely with good and bad holsters to

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The JustPews Team

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TacCat became known as a "Meme Lord" after using memes to market his old website. After Facebook axed his page, he decided it was time to focus on creating an invaluable resource for the firearm community...

2A Lifestlye

2A Lifestyle

A veteran, patrol commander, firearms instructor, and Meme Lord is who 2A Lifestyle is. The 2A Lifestyle Podcast got started in 2019 to try and bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and gun owners...

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