JustPews Privacy Policy

Who We Are

JustPews is a website owned by Practically Pragmatic and is managed with help from The Coutts Agency (TacCat/Michael is an employee of The Coutts Agency).

What Data We Collect

JustPews itself does not collect any data from you unless you willingly sign-up for our newsletter (in which case we get your name and e-mail address). JustPews does not sell or share any of this information with 3rd party entities whatsoever.

JustPews itself also doesn’t collect “cookies”, which you can read more about here on the Kapersky website. Our web host also does not collect any data on the user’s visiting the website.

External Links

 JustPews articles will contain links to other websites, JustPews is not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites.

Affiliate Marketing

A lot of the funding for JustPews comes from affiliate marketing. On occasion you may see an ad in an article or across the website, as well as in our newsletter. To better understand affiliate marketing, please checkout the Affiliate Marketing & Sponsorships page.