Savoy Leather Missing

A long time ago I remember seeing Military Arms Channel showing off his custom holster made by Savoy Leather, after that Savoy Leather became the most recognized custom leather holster producer in the game. Savoy was making all kinds of custom leather holsters, including ones themed after pop culture icons such as the Vault Dweller from Fallout; which I drooled over for a while. They were also doing very custom leather work for some very famous sports players.

In an apparent shift from great customer service to terrible customer service, Savoy Leather has vanished into the wind with a lot of unfilled orders and taking thousands of dollars from customers. After doing a little bit of digging I found a group on Facebook called “Savoy Leather- ripped us off“. The group is formed entirely (as far as I can tell) by individuals that had placed orders between April 2020-February 2021 and haven’t received their product(s) or an email response explaining why that is. Savoy hasn’t only not responded to waiting customers, but they raised the prices slightly in 2020 and held a sale in October 2020…

 There are so many people that haven’t gotten their orders or feedback that there’s an ongoing investigation (this is a public post from the group).

Savoy Leather Investigation

From another post in the group it looks like Jeremiah Savoy laid off 4 Savoy Leather employees on December 18, 2020 telling them that they would be recalled on February 1, 2021. On January 31, 2021 they laid off the remaining employees while telling them that Savoy Leather wouldn’t be reopening. If you thought this is where this story ended… well, there’s more.

In September 2020 people found out that Jeremiah Savoy and his wife were starting up a new business venture…while not updating customers from Savoy Leather about the status of their holsters, why they might be delayed, etc. This new business venture would be called Savoy Select, a medical marijuana company.

In the two images above (click to enlarge) you’ll see that Savoy Select’s Facebook page was active as early as September 16, 2020 despite Savoy Leather not being very responsive to customers… or explaining why orders were so delayed.
For additional verification there is a picture of Jeremiah Savoy’s Facebook profile where he’s seen in front of marijuana plants that one can reasonably assume were apart of the new Savoy Select business. To add insult to injury the facility in the Savoy Select picture is…ding, ding, ding, the same facility that Savoy Leather was being ran out of. The Savoys had planned to run both Savoy Select and Savoy Leather out of the same exact facility; who thought that was a smart idea is beyond me.

According to my source, there have been enough complaints totaling enough monetary value that the investigating detective will be handing the investigation over the the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation to look into this situation further.

As of right now there’s absolutely no way to reach out to Savoy Leather or Jeremiah Savoy himself about this. His private Facebook page doesn’t appear in searches for me, Savoy Leather’s social media pages & websites are deactivated or made inaccessible, and the Savoy Select Facebook page no longer exists. Due to these reasons I’ve been unable to reach out to Jeremiah Savoy for comment.

I’m also unable to contact the employees for comment. Some of them are fearful that the Savoys would come after them considering how small the town is, some don’t want to break the 50 year Non-Disclosure Agreement they signed when accepting employment, and others are waiting to see if the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation reaches out to them as apart of the investigation.

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