Springfield Hellcat RDP Released

Look, we don’t recommend Springfield products just on principle, but we cover gun news…and Springfield came out with the Hellcat RDP just after Walther released the PDP… God it’s like copying scantron answers and marking one wrong purposefully so you don’t get caught.

Anyway, the Hellcat RDP is a Hellcat that comes milled & with a HEX Wasp Micro Dot optic (another Springfield product, not under the Springfield name so people don’t immediately hate it), It also comes with a self-indexing compensator. For some odd reason, it’s coming from the factory with the most hated rear sight to ever exist; the U-Notch that Glock made everyone hate.

Another update for the Hellcat with the RDP is the Gen 2 trigger which has a different contour and I guess a different overall trigger pull.

So… uh… yeah. Springfield came out with a new Hellcat variant that has a name that’s very close to the name of Walther’s new pistol; can you say “capturing typo traffic”?
For more information on it, here’s Springfield’s page


Side Note: It would’ve been cool if Springfield called it the RPD instead of the RDP.

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