T.Rex Arms 556 Ready Rig SHOT Show 2021

With COVID-19 a lot of traditions have come to a screeching halt from 2020 to 2021 and there’s no apparent end in sight. For the firearm and EDC community one of those traditions is SHOT Show which is an event that’s supposed to take place in Las Vegas (or New Vegas at this rate) every year. At SHOT Show companies flock to their own designated booths, dumping tens of thousands of dollars just to display their current products and to unveil their new ones. With the event more or less being canceled this year, I’ve decided to do some mock SHOT Show coverage for JustPews.
TRex Arms 556 Ready Rig
TRex Arms 556 Ready Rig setup

This product, like the Phlster Enigma, came out in 2020 but it’s still worth going over as SHOT Show 2021 coverage due to how new it is. The 556 Ready Rig, which is American made like the Phlster Enigma, is a low profile chest rig made for civilians. From the looks of it, it’s very similar in design to the Unity Tactical Clutch belt that…Vertx took over production of at some point.

The 556 Ready Rig is a discrete, low profile, potentially concealable chest rig designed for STANAG 5.56 magazines (AR/M4 magazines) with future options possibly being for submachine gun variants, and 7.62 guns. In the front of the 556 Ready Rig you have a large velcro area for attaching morale patches or patches containing critical information such as who you are, or what your blood type/allergies are for medical personnel to see.

NOTE: The 556 Carry Rig will fit AK-74/5.45 magazines

As far as cells go, you have 3 magazine patches that are sewn around the magazines themselves when being produced, then you have 3 GP cells on both sides; 1 small (pistol mag sized), 1 medium (STANAG mag sized), and 1 large pouch that’s intended for medical gear such as an IFAK, or T.Rex’s EDC ITRK, or comms use.
The best part is, this rig will ship to you ready to use without needing additional inserts; unless you need them.

T.Rex designed the 556 Ready Rig to be an X style harness since it’s easier to size, it will fit a wider variety of people, and it’s easier to produce which brings down the cost. They also designed it around the material availabilities of 2020 to ensure that restocking wouldn’t take forever. The materials used to create this are nylon and elastic, I couldn’t track down any technical details on what nylon is being used though.

In the video above from T.Rex, Lucas Botkin the company owner goes over the 556 Carry Rig, it’s design features, why it’s designed the way it is, and what the future has in store for products like this.

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