Tau Development Group Striker Control Device (SCD) Tabletop Review

Tau Development Group Striker Control Device Review

When I first got into firearms a few years ago I avoided striker fired handguns because I thought they weren’t safe. In the word’s of Yelawolf’s Hustle, “It’s hard to say no when you’re a rookie talking to a veteran playing pro.” As a new gun owner it’s nearly impossible to combat bad information when you don’t know anything. Because of this bad information I started off with a stainless steel CZ 75B… my first time carrying was in a horizonal shoulder holster because I was told that was safest.

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After yeeting the bad information off a cliff by trial & error, I learned that striker fired handguns aren’t only safe, but they’re mechanically safer because they’re simpler in design & operation. But like a homeschooled kid trying to make friends at college, I couldn’t actually bring myself to carry a striker fired handgun for another year.

Okay… trust me, this monologue is going somewhere. Before we get there though, I just want to point out that there’s thousands of gun owner’s that don’t trust striker fired handguns; this is proven by the fact that all manufacturers except Glock offer manual safety models.

Enter The SCD

Tau Development Group Striker Control Device

This is where Tau Development Group’s (TDG) Striker Control Device (SCD) comes into play. It’s a device that has a lot of misconceptions floating around and an additional layer of safety…without needing to be disengaged, that a lot of people turn their nose up at. Ironically, these are also the same people who push the practice of not looking a handgun into it’s holster.

The SCD is a device that replaces the backplate of your Glock, literally… you take your backplate off and put this on. All you need to perform the task is really one good punch, or two for a slightly easier time. 

After you equip your Glock with the SCD, whenever the cocked trigger is interfered with the backplate pushes outwards. If you push your thumb against it the Striker Control Device acts like a hammer would on a DA/SA firearm. It makes it impossible for the gun to discharge and gives you a tactile response that there’s something stuff in the trigger guard.

“I don’t want something that can affect the reliability of my Glock.”

Fair, but this doesn’t affect the standard operation of your firearm in any capacity. With that bread-tie holding the SCD up I’m still able to discharge my Glock G45 without failure; this includes cycling to the following round with a cocked striker. The plate that swings out as the trigger is pulled can completely snap off and your firearm will still function properly.
I cannot stress this enough in this tabletop review; the SCD does not affect the standard operation of your Glock at all.

Tau Development Group Striker Control Device Active
“TacCat, you keep mentioning Glock. Does TDG make it for any other gun?”

At this time Tau Development Group doesn’t produce any other product beyond the Striker Control Device for all current production Glock models.
The main reason for this is because Glock is the only striker fired handgun that doesn’t pre-cock the striker 80-99%; it pre-cocks ~60%.

The additional cocking of the striker on other striker fired handguns makes it next to impossible to produce an SCD that would operate like it does on Glocks.
For example the Sig P320’s striker is over 90% pre-cocked from what I’ve read; the SCD wouldn’t actuate until it was already too late.

In Conclusion

Tau’s Striker Control Device offers unique advantages for both Law Enforcement and Concealed Carriers that were previously only available to individuals that carried hammer fired guns. During the holstering process an individual gets a tactile response from their striker that alerts them to any potential obstacles stuck in the holster or trigger guard.

This is very advantageous for Law Enforcement when subduing a suspect if they have to holster their weapon while remaining threat focused.
This works out very well for concealed carriers if they have to holster while holding a child in one arm as they reholster after a defensive encounter.

For ~$80 there’s no valid argument against using or trying out Tau’s SCD. I for one am excited to see how well this holds up over time.

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