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Tenicor Certum3 Package

Tenicor designed the Certum3 to work for both Appendix (AIWB) and Hip (IWB) carry while offering up to 30° of cant with the optional Tenicor T1 Belt clips that are made by Discreet Carry Concepts (the same company that produces the Monoblock clip). Certum, which means “that which is fixed” in Latin, is an apt name for this holster; especially with the Snap Loops I opted for over the T1 option.

You may be wondering why there aren’t any attachments on the holster and the answer is very simple; user customization. Tenicor has a lot of useful tutorials scattered throughout their website & YouTube to help consumers figure out how they should go about adding their belt attachments, and in which position they should be put in.

While this may seem like an inconvenience, no two people are the same, which means attachments don’t work for everyone in one specific way. For AIWB I enjoy having my soft loops side by side, you may enjoy a slight cant due to how the gun rests against your body. 

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Even though the holster is marked for being for the Glock G17, I ordered it for my Glock G45 which has a G19 length slide. A few years ago I had a Glock G19x which loved to flip outwards while I was carrying it in a G19 sized holster. In order to counteract that issue this time around, I opted to try out a longer holster so the above/below ratio on the belt line was more equal.

As you can probably tell by the pictures, the holster literally just arrived in the mail, and I’ve yet to set it up. It came with 3 different camming bars and the soft loops I chose over the T1 clips due to familiarity. I really, really like how nice this holster looks. It’s plain-Jane black, but it hugs the firearm real well, it has exceptionally smooth edges, and there’s not much in terms of excess material.

I’m excited to see how the camming bars perform compared to the claws I’m accustomed to seeing on AIWB holster, and I’m curious to see whether or not the mid-rise sweat guard is going to cause me any sort of pain with having a belly.

Customer Service Experience

Responsiveness: Very Fast
Website Navigation: Easy
Order Time: February 9, 2021 @ 2:45PM
Shipped Time: February 9, 2021 @ 5:25PM (Paid for UPS Option)
Arrival: February 15, 2021 @ 3:00PM
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