The National Firearms Act Explained: By Firearms Unknown

One of the things that new gun owner’s and even anti-gun individuals struggle with understanding is just how ridiculous gun legislation can be; especially at the federal level. Monotonous videos going over specific laws, dry text only posts, and debates in the comments section of Facebook can only get so far… sometimes it takes comedy to get the point across. That’s exactly what Firearms Unknown on YouTube did. While the video title doesn’t say it, it covers how ridiculous the National Firearms Act of 1934 (and another “law”) are in a comedic fashion.

While watching this video you may think to yourself, “Yeah, right.”
It’s all factual (though it doesn’t hit on length that well). A small difference in a front foregrip/handstop (seen between 2:29-2:55) can result in 10 years in jail/a raid on your home. Something as insignificant as 1″ in the overall length of or barrel length of your rifle/shotgun can mean the same thing.

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