US Army Adopts Brugger & Thomet APC9K

The search for new firearms for the military never ends and apparently they were searching for a new submachine gun to equip the Army’s Personal Security forces with. In the competition were more than 10 competitors, some of the notable participants being: Colt with their “Modular 9mm Sub Compact Weapon” (probably a 9mm M4 vaariant), Lewis Machine & Tool with the MARS L-9, as well as Zenith Firearms & PTR Industries with their MP5 clones.

The winner of the $2.5 million contact, however, was Brugger & Thomet with their APC9K. The contract itself is good for 350 APC9K’s along with the usual add-ons; magazines, slings, spare parts, etc. Undoubtedly armorer training was thrown on for free. The contract itself would allow the Army to purchase up to 1,000 units in total.

For those that are unfamiliar with the B&T APC9K, it uses a closed-bolt direct blowback system with a maximum rate of fire of approximately 1,080 rounds per minute with a standard capacity of 30 rounds in a proprietary magazine. The package in the display picture comes in weighing roughly 6lbs. Surprisingly, it hasn’t received it’s own “M” designation like the Colt M1911, or the Sig M17/M18.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Brugger & Thomet APC9K, it’s apart of the APC9 Pro line-up. It’s a highly modular submachine gun platform; think of it as the M4 of the SMG world. It ha several different barrel configurations, several different receiver options, and more. Included in the receiver options are variants that accept Sig Sauer P320 magazines, Glock style magazines, and of course their proprietary magazine. You can also pick up a detachable brass catcher for it. All around the APC9 Pro line looks to be a very handy and very capable platform; especially since there’s variants that can use the military’s new P320 magazines; if they pick up that receiver option.

For the gamers out there, you may recognize this gun as the kinda useful, kinda useless ISO from Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the xBox 1/PlayStation 4.

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